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Illustrative work by Steve Boyd

Charnel Rose

Time for a bit of fan service…

I recently bought a yiynova msp19u drawing tablet. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting used to using it and seeing my art get significantly faster.

There are two deadly females introduced in the next issue of Zed Mercury. This is Charnel Rose, the deadliest woman in the Underworld.

I thought I’d use the opportunity of drawing a sexy woman to experiment with inking styles on the new tablet. I’ve been arranging my pages in photoshop but then printing them and tracing them to ink, not really thinking I would ever ink entirely digitally.
Technical things I’m really enjoying about the tablet include being able to use the transform tool on the fly to rearrange page elements, scale body parts, not smudging ink and having undos, and being able to test our colour combos almost instantly. For this I was just using a bunch of brush shapes (b) and swapping between black and white (d) with the (x) key, drawing things in black, cutting into them with white, and vice versa. I really enjoyed this and I’m not really sure I even want to colour it (I’ve already started and will post it soon.) This might be the inking technique I use for the next Zed issue.

More exciting updates soon kiddies,


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The Half Light available on Threadless

I am proud to have my design chosen for the Arcade Fire competition. They’re one of my favourite bands so it’s truly an honour to win. PLUS 25% of sales from this tee will go to Partners In Health to provide healthcare to the world’s poorest in Haiti and countries around the globe.
Go grab one!,guys/style,shirt
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Sebastian Hawks, Creature Hunter

This is my entry into the Sebastian Hawks draw off, for Ozcomics. Sebastian Hawks, if you don’t know, is Tristan (T.REX) Jones’ new project, with Greg Mclean and Chris Dibari, with Gestalt Comics. They have a Pozible campaign going on right now, so click the link and pledge for what promises to be an awesome Aussie made comic!


Zed Mercury Web Shop

Our web shop is finally here! You can now buy Zed Mercury online and it will be sent straight to your house, but that’s not all!
For a short time only each purchase of issue Zerro comes with a SIGNED SKETCH by the artist.
The first TEN of those will be limited edition INK SKETCHES!
So get over to our web shop and grab a copy before they run out…

the Half Light

This is a piece I made fro the Arcade Fire Threadless competition. I was trying to convey that weird light at dusk, in the suburbs and the melancholic nostalgia that Arcade Fire’s music conjures.
I’m waiting to see if it gets through to be judged. Fingers crossed the Threadless community likes it.


Billy and I have a story coming up in an Australian comic anthology about tattoos called Ink Tales. This is the Synopsis:

“In the Underworld, to be murdered means far more than death. After all you cannot kill the dead. But you can destroy the body that the undead soul inhabits and imprison it in a glyph, a magickal orb or a grimoire.
At the foot of the mountain range called The Wailing Peaks lays the small ghost town of Judas’ Rope, a haven for criminal scum. Here if you murder someone you imprison their soul on your skin forever – in the form of a tattoo.
One evening, the town’s corrupt leader is bragging whilst getting a new tattoo in the one stop scar shop. Outside a mysterious woman dressed as a nun rides into town. The Boss’ gang surrounds her, each one covered in more tattoos than the next.
But what this woman of purity hides under her habit may be the last thing they ever see.”

The book will be released early next year.



SAM² Versus the Magical Imaginary Super-Friends

Here are some characters from a children’s book I am working on- SAM² versus the magical imaginary super-friends! Exciting updates coming soon!

Alien Sketch

Been a while between posts… Here is some proof of life. Very exciting things in the works, expect more frequent and weird posts…





The MAXX!!

This weeks Ozcomics theme is the Maxx! Sam Keith is certainly one of my defining influences and  really enjoyed this challenge.



Zed Mercury Psychopomp, Issue Zerro.

Click the link to read Zed Mercury Psychopomp!