weird love studio

by boydink

A little update on the Zed Mercury comic project.

After deciding to reboot Zed and completely re-develop the story, characters and visual style from the ground up about six months ago, Billy and I have come a long way. We have developed a world or rather two worlds, a dense cast of characters to inhabit them, a history and political structure tying them together, all weaved into a seven issue story arch. We even made up our own language. It feels as though this world we have created has gotten to bursting point and it needs to come out of the aether and onto the page…

Right now Billy is writing the script for ISSUE ONE which I am very excited about because it means I get to draw these characters that I have grown to know like they were real people.

The first issue of Zed Mercury will be available online early 2012. Keep tuned here and here for exclusive sketches and excerpts from the comic.