by boydink

Billy and I have a story coming up in an Australian comic anthology about tattoos called Ink Tales. This is the Synopsis:

“In the Underworld, to be murdered means far more than death. After all you cannot kill the dead. But you can destroy the body that the undead soul inhabits and imprison it in a glyph, a magickal orb or a grimoire.
At the foot of the mountain range called The Wailing Peaks lays the small ghost town of Judas’ Rope, a haven for criminal scum. Here if you murder someone you imprison their soul on your skin forever – in the form of a tattoo.
One evening, the town’s corrupt leader is bragging whilst getting a new tattoo in the one stop scar shop. Outside a mysterious woman dressed as a nun rides into town. The Boss’ gang surrounds her, each one covered in more tattoos than the next.
But what this woman of purity hides under her habit may be the last thing they ever see.”

The book will be released early next year.