Charnel Rose

by boydink

Time for a bit of fan service…

I recently bought a yiynova msp19u drawing tablet. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting used to using it and seeing my art get significantly faster.

There are two deadly females introduced in the next issue of Zed Mercury. This is Charnel Rose, the deadliest woman in the Underworld.

I thought I’d use the opportunity of drawing a sexy woman to experiment with inking styles on the new tablet. I’ve been arranging my pages in photoshop but then printing them and tracing them to ink, not really thinking I would ever ink entirely digitally.
Technical things I’m really enjoying about the tablet include being able to use the transform tool on the fly to rearrange page elements, scale body parts, not smudging ink and having undos, and being able to test our colour combos almost instantly. For this I was just using a bunch of brush shapes (b) and swapping between black and white (d) with the (x) key, drawing things in black, cutting into them with white, and vice versa. I really enjoyed this and I’m not really sure I even want to colour it (I’ve already started and will post it soon.) This might be the inking technique I use for the next Zed issue.

More exciting updates soon kiddies,


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