boyd ink

Illustrative work by Steve Boyd


Here is my entry into the weekly Ozcomics drawoff. I’ve included a couple of preliminary sketches and a costume study of the Penguins suit and opera cloak.


Good old fashioned FISTICUFFS.

Here is my hand drawn variant cover for Darren Close’s Killeroo ‘Gangwar’ book with some details for anyone interested. This limited edition (limited to one…) will be for sale in the next month or so along with twenty nine more, by various talented artists. To be kept abreast of this sale and other Killeroo news ‘like’ their page! The regular book (cover coloured by me) is out now, go check it out!

Ghost Rider

This weeks Ozcomics draw-off is a fundraising auction for Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider, who is being [counter] sued by Marvel (Disney) to the tune of $17,000, money which the man doesn’t have. If you’d like to have this piece, the money raised will go straight to the fund created by Steve Niles. You can bid by clicking the like below and adding a comment.
Oz comics Draw-off, Ghost rider
Or you can donate directly to the paypal account via the fund set up by Steve Niles:


Ink on high-quality 210 gsm water colour paper
230 mm x 320 mm
Arrangements can be made for framing if the buyer wishes.


My drawing of Krang for the weekly Ozcomics draw off.


Zed Mercury Psychopomp

Greetings humans, 2012 is gearing up to be an exciting year, my weird friends. Next week we will be launching the new Zed Mercury website, the hub of Weird Love and the place that you will be able to read the ongoing comic series. Issue Zerro of Zed Mercury Psychopomp will be available to read online for FREE in March. We will also be releasing a series of prints and some sexy merch which will be available for purchase online in February. The anticipation is killing us! But for now, an INK SKETCH!
In the meantime you can be friends with Zed on Facebook:

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Weird Love,


Nice and Ego

Here are some characters I’m drawing for Melbourne Mash-up AV Scratch-tologists Nice and Ego. Their website will be launched soon, I’ll keep you posted!


New colours hot off the photoshop baked fresh for you. Special thanks to Darren Close and Paul Abstruse for the grand opportunity. The comic comes out in March 2012, can’t wait to read it!
Check it:


Bat Girl

Don’t fuck with Batgirl. Seriously.
Quick sketch done for the Ozcomics Weekly draw off.


This is a quick colour sketch I did for the weekly Ozcomics draw off. I decided that instead of drawing Spidey like a contorted gymnast I’d draw him like an ACTUAL SPIDER… creeping around watching you from the darkest corners…


Trample the weak.
This is the insignia worn by the police of Black Dresden, the corrupt black ops of oppression, Styxian enforcers of the war on Magick,  the HATE GOGS.